Weep not for me but courage take, and love each other for my sake’

Constance Jenkins

Tom believes that a funeral service need not be a mournful affair. Sad yes, but numbingly depressing, no.

It should be every bit as much a celebration of a life well lived as it is a time of sadness and reflection.

Like most things in life, planning for this event can help the family and loved ones better deal with this inevitability. To assist, Tom has designed a basic form which outlines an individuals wants and style of ceremony when the time comes.

The passing of a loved one is never easy, but by working closely and compassionately with family and friends, Tom will ensure that a dignified, warm and sincere ceremony is designed and delivered in such a way as to serve as a fitting and lasting tribute to a special person.

‘So many people thought you had known John personally for many years by the way you delivered the beautiful eulogy and conducted the whole service. We can’t thank you enough.’

Jean and Family